Dissemination Conference grants are available to support Action Participants for presenting GameTable COST Action in high-level conferences to increase visibility of the Action in the research community, and for developing new contacts with potential stakeholders.

Both virtual (max EUR 500) or in-person (max EUR 2000) oral presentations are possible. For more information, see the Annotated rules (among others, page 97).

Dissemination Grant Calls

To apply for a grant, please register on the online platform of COST Association e-COST https://e-services.cost.eu/ and then apply here.

Apply for a grant button in eCOST

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Support individual mobility, at strengthening existing networks, and at fostering collaborations by allowing scientists to visit an institution or laboratory in another country.


ITC Conference Grants

Support Young Researchers and Innovators affiliated in an ITC for their participation in high-level conferences.


Dissemination Grants

Support Action participants to present the work of the Action in a high-level conference.