The "GameTable COST Action: Kickoff Report" has been published in the International Computer Games Association journal, available through IOS Press.
This comprehensive report, authored by Eric Piette, Walter Crist, Dennis J.N.J. Summer, Lisa Rougetet, Summer Courts, Tim Penn, and Achille Morenville, outlines the initial discussion and future directions of our ongoing networking and research initiatives.

For those interested in a detailed read, a PDF proof of the paper is available for access.
We invite authors who cite this paper to reference it in relation to the GameTable COST Action.

Abstract: The GameTable COST Action kickoff, focusing on “Computational Techniques for Tabletop Games Heritage,” took place at Leiden University in the Pieter de la Court Building from January 29th to 30th, 2024. This event aimed to convene researchers from diverse backgrounds involved in the Action, offering an opportunity to present an overview of the key research areas, share concrete case studies, and facilitate discussions and idea exchanges across fields that may not typically intersect, thereby enhancing the organization of the Action. This report provides a summary of the organization and discussions of the event, and future plans for GameTable.
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